Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior Author : Shawn E. Nordell, Thomas J. Valone
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Pub Date : 2014
Page : 449
Language : en
Rating :

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Animal Behavior: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, International Edition, uses a conceptual approach that puts the process of science and applications front and center. The text guides students through featured research examples that strongly emphasize the process of scientific inquiry. The approach is based on the growing mandate to shift science education from rote memorization to a conceptual approach that emphasizes the nature of inquiry in science. The major concepts in each chapter are accompanied by empirical examples from diverse taxa taken directly from the primary literature. This approach immerses students in the process of animal behavior research and helps them understand how we know what we know. In addition, the text highlights real-world applications and helps students see how the science of animal behavior connects to their everyday lives.

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