Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses Author : Judith Hopfer Deglin, April Hazard Vallerand
Publisher : F.A. Davis
Pub Date : 2008-06-01
Page : 1428
Language : en
Rating : 4.5

Discover Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses book by Judith Hopfer Deglin, April Hazard Vallerand from an unlimited library of classics and modern bestsellers book. It's packed with amazing content and totally free to try.

EXPECT MORE!MORE new and updated content! MORE emphasis on safe nursing practice! MORE organized and readable!Count on Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, Eleventh Edition to deliver easy-to-read, well-organized monographs on hundreds of generic and thousands of trade name drugs. With a focus on nursing practice and usability, it’s the one drug guide that provides comprehensive coverage of all populations across the entire lifespan, and all of the guidance needed to administer medications competently and safely. NEW AT A GLANCE! MORE NEW AND UPDATED CONTENT NEW! Additional content for psychotropic drugs. NEW! Headings for IV administration, dilution, and concentration. NEW! “Tall Man” letters for FDA-identified drugs. NEW! Full-color photographs of high alert and “Tall Man” drugs. NEW! Full-color administration charts for IM syringe compatibility and IV administration. NEW! Expanded evidence-based content. NEW! Appendix comparing Canadian and U.S. pharmaceutical practices. NEW! More Canadian brand names in the monographs, denoted by a maple leaf icon. NEW! Maple leaf icon in the index. MORE TEACHING TOOLS NEW! Resources for Instructors online at DavisPlus, upon adoption.MORE LEARNING TOOLS Resource Kit CD-ROM. (Available with the Book + CD-ROM version.) includes NEW! Free mobile access to 400 complete monographs for commonly administered drugs. Resources for Students online at DavisPlus. (No fee. No password. No registration.) NEW! Enhanced online service for www.DrugGuide.com, powered by Unbound Medicine. MORE OF WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, Eleventh Edition continues to deliver all of the strengths that have made it the drug guide of choice-year after year.MORE EMPHASIS ON NURSING PRACTICE… Uses all 5 steps of the nursing process. Covers vulnerable patient populations across the lifespan. Provides extensive coverage of IV administration.MORE FOCUS ON SAFETY… Provides more high-alert coverage and patient safety information than any other drug guide! Explains how to administer medication safely by all routes. Covers drug-drug, drug-natural and drug-food interactions. Includes Patient and Family Teaching Guidelines. MORE CLINICAL AND LEARNING TOOLS-on the Resource Kit CD-ROM! NEW! FREE mobile access to 400 complete monographs for commonly administered drugs. Updated Drug Search Program-nearly 700 searchable drug monographs that can be copied, pasted, and printed, as well as NEW! Audio Pronunciations. NEW! Unique Psychotropic Drugs Tutorial Unique preventing Medication Errors Tutorial-a medication safety review, self-test with “real-life” scenarios, physician orders, and rationales for correct and incorrect answers. Updated Wound Care Tutorial-a photographic overview of the different types of wounds and wound care products as well as a self-test, with answers and rationales. NEW! Interactive Case Studies. Drug Dosage Calculators for metric conversions, IV drip rates, dosage/kg, and Fahrenheit/Celsius. Wound Care Clinical Sheets-a quick review of pressure ulcer prevention strategies, wound assessment, pressure ulcer stages and treatment, and wound care products. Pocket sized and printable. And more! MORE WAYS TO ENHANCE STUDENT LEARNING… Student Resources Online at DavisPlus-FREE upon adoption! NEW! Video Clips illustrate the safe administration of medications. NEW! Animations. NEW! Interactive Case Studies. Select Tutorials from the CD-ROM provide an evidence-based overview of safe and effective medication administration. A multiple-choice self-test for each topic helps students assess their learning. And more! MORE TOOLS TO ENHANCE TEACHING. NEW! Instructor Resources Online at DavisPlus-FREE upon adoption! These password-protected ancillaries are FREE to instructors who adopt Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, Eleventh Edition. Case Studies PowerPoint Presentations The Drug Search Installer from Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses Resource Kit CD-ROM. A Scavenger Hunt. And more!

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