Human Biology

Human Biology Author : Michael D. Johnson
Publisher : Benjamin Cummings
Pub Date : 2010
Page : 588
Language : en
Rating : 5

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Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues, Fifth Edition sparks interest among non-science readers by encouraging them to connect basic biology concepts to real-world issues that are relevant to their own lives. As an award-winning teacher, author Michael Johnson demystifies the scientific process and the concepts of human biology, using a narrative style to tell a story with a reader-friendly approach. Genetic testing, antioxidants, and the black market for bones are just a few of the timely topics that are woven throughout each chapter to engage readers in learning the basics of human biology. Michael Johnson’s jargon-free writing style and expanded coverage of current issues are supported by dozens of exciting new illustrations and photos that further engage reader interest, while unique “Try It Yourself” boxes promote active learning. The Fifth Edition includes completely updated and redesigned art, as well as an increased focus on critical thinking. Human Biology’s expanded supplements package features Interactive Physiology® for Human Biology with a new module on the Immune System, which provides a wealth of outstanding animations, activities, and self-testing that can be used in lectures or as a study tool outside of the classroom. Other supplements include the new Teaching Tool Box, the Human Biology Support Manual, a wealth of media and animations, and a revised Study Guide.


Human Biology, Science, and Society, The Chemistry of Living Things, Structure and Function of Cells, From Cells to Organ Systems, The Skeletal System, The Muscular System,  Blood, Heart and Blood Vessels, The Immune System and Mechanisms of Defense, The Respiratory System: Exchange of Gases, The Nervous System: Integration and Control,  Sensory Mechanisms, The Endocrine System, The Digestive System, The Urinary System, Reproductive Systems, Cell Reproduction and Differentiation, Cancer: Uncontrolled Cell Division and Differentiation, Genetics and Inheritance, DNA Technology and Genetic Engineering, Development and Aging, Evolution and the Origins of Life, Ecosystems and Populations, Human Impacts, Biodiversity, and Environmental Issues MARKET: For all readers interested in learning about human biology.



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