All That Matters

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Author by : Susan X. Meagher
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Brisk Press

Description : Life is going damned well for Blair Spencer. She s a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves and they re actively working to have a baby.

The wrench in the works is that Blair favors adoption, while her husband David desperately wants to have a biological child. The fates are against them, and they finally seek the help of a group of reproductive specialists. One of the doctors, a surgeon named Kylie Mackenzie, eventually becomes a good friend to Blair. And she needs all of the friends she can get when things start to go horribly wrong at home. As her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she relies more and more on Kylie s friendship.

Kylie s happily gay; Blair s happily straight. But the way they structure their relationship leads friends and family to privately question whether the pair is setting themselves up for heartache. They eventually come to a crossroads, which could either destroy their friendship or turn it into what each of them has been seeking. The question is whether each woman can change her view of herself and her needs. The answer is all that matters.

All That Matters Billionaire Bargains Book Three

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Author by : Erin Nicholas
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2017-05-20
Publisher by : EN Fiction, Inc.

Description : What happens in the Big Easy doesn’t always stay in the Big Easy. Thank goodness.

The Billionaire Bargains, Book 3

When billionaire Emily Steele breaks off her eight-year relationship with the only boy she’s ever dated, she quickly realizes she has a lot to learn. About the world. About herself. And men. Definitely men.

A friend’s bachelorette party in New Orleans is the perfect place to get in touch with her inner vixen. Trouble is, she’s never actually met her inner vixen. Worse, her overprotective uncle’s determination to keep her safe means she’s going to have a babysitter for the weekend. A tall, handsome babysitter who makes her tingle from head to toe.

Will Weston has always thought his boss’s niece was special, and now that she’s single, he’s even more acutely aware of her beauty and charm. Her uncle’s insistence that he accompany her to the world’s sexiest city has mistake written all over it—until she offers his best friend a million dollars to be her date.

Now there’s no way Will is staying behind, even though he knows something crazy is going to happen. Because falling in love in a weekend is definitely crazy.

Warning: Contains a woman with enough money to buy a date for a weekend in New Orleans, a guy who’s never going to let that happen, a bachelorette party on Bourbon Street, hot sex to slow jazz, and beignets… because there has to be beignets.

All That Matters Forever And Ever 46

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Author by : E. L. Todd
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-01-24
Publisher by : Fallen Publishing

Description : Ward closes off from Clementine and everyone around him after the wedding is called off. Arsen and Silke’s surprise nuptials push everything back, and he silently unleashes a rage that Clementine can feel in full force.

Silke and Arsen enjoy their honeymoon in a cabin in the middle of the snow. Lost in each other, they enjoy their newfound titles as husband and wife. While everything is perfect, there’s one thing missing.

Trinity is surprised when the biggest fashion guru in the industry, Maximum Shot, wants to do a fashion line together for a Milan premiere. Excited and unable to sit still she meets him for lunch. While Maximum is the genius Trinity assumed he would be, there’s a drawback.

When Sean’s father finds out about the scandalous strip club from the front page of The New York Times, he gives Sean a piece of his mind. Will Sean be able to convince him otherwise? What will Skye and Roland think of it?

Intelligence All That Matters

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Author by : Stuart Ritchie
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-04-05
Publisher by : Teach Yourself

Description : There is a strange disconnect between the scientific consensus and the public mind on intelligence testing. Just mention IQ testing in polite company, and you'll sternly be informed that IQ tests don't measure anything "real", and only reflect how good you are at doing IQ tests; that they ignore important traits like "emotional intelligence" and "multiple intelligences"; and that those who are interested in IQ testing must be elitists, or maybe something more sinister.

Yet the scientific evidence is clear: IQ tests are extraordinarily useful. IQ scores are related to a huge variety of important life outcomes like educational success, income, and even life expectancy, and biological studies have shown they are genetically influenced and linked to measures of the brain. Studies of intelligence and IQ are regularly published in the world's top scientific journals.

This book will offer an entertaining introduction to the state of the art in intelligence and IQ, and will show how we have arrived at what we know from a century's research. It will engage head-on with many of the criticisms of IQ testing by describing the latest high-quality scientific research, but will not be a simple point-by-point rebuttal: it will make a positive case for IQ research, focusing on the potential benefits for society that a better understanding of intelligence can bring.

All That Matters A Novel

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Author by : Jan Goldstein
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2005-09-14
Publisher by : Hyperion

Description : What's the greatest gift that one person can give another?

Jan Goldstein's stunning debut novel, All That Matters, is a deeply moving, endearing tale of a young woman who, with the help of her feisty grandmother, makes a journey from the very brink of death and despair into a full embrace of life.

Jennifer Stempler has nothing left to lose: the love of her life dumped her, her mother died in a senseless car accident five years ago, and her famous Hollywood producer father started a brand-new family -- with no room in it for her. So, 23-year-old Jennifer decides to pursue peaceful (permanent) oblivion on the beach near her home in Venice, California, drifting on a lethal combination of Xanax and tequila. But she can't even get that right.

Jennifer's depression is no match for her Nana's determination. Gabby Zuckerman refuses to let her granddaughter self-destruct. With promises made to Jennifer's father and doctors, Gabby whisks Jennifer back to her home in New York City, intending to prove to Jennifer that her life cannot possibly be over yet. In fact, it has just begun. Through jaunts in Central Park to road trips to Maine, Gabby teaches Jennifer how to trust and hope again. And by relating her own tragic and heroic experience during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Gabby bestows upon Jennifer an understanding of her own life's value. But when Gabby reveals a secret -- one that proves to be Jennifer's toughest challenge yet -- Jennifer struggles to find out whether the gift will sustain her.

Combining the unabashedly heartwarming sentiment of Robert James Waller's The Bridges of Madison County or Nicholas Sparks's Message in a Bottle with the irreverent humor of Jennifer Weiner's In Her Shoes, Goldstein's All That Matters is an inspirational first novel that leads readers to the core of what matters in life -- family, hope, and savoring each moment.

Arguments Negotiations All That Matters

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Author by : Pixie Youngdahl
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Lost Lake Folk Art

Description : This expanded edition of Pixie Youngdahl's 2013 cancer survivor's memoir includes Legacy Letters to ancestors as well as photos. "Pixie Youngdahl, the author of The Timeless Café, now takes you down her own personal journey of dealing with cancer. Like she tackles everything else in life, Pixie knocks cancer on its ass. Hard to do, and even harder to be successful, Pixie masters a firsthand experience of dealing with the effects of chemotherapy using humor and charm. For anyone going through chemo, if you need a major attitude adjustment from life ~ this is a must read." David Fingerman author of Edging Past Reality and Two Degrees Closer to Hell

Free Speech All That Matters

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Author by : Alan Haworth
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-04-05
Publisher by : Teach Yourself

Description : What is free speech?; Why does it matter? These are pressing questions. In this book, Alan Haworth outlines and analyses the main arguments philosophers have advanced over the centuries, in an attempt to answer them clearly. He emphasises the strengths but also the weaknesses of those arguments, demonstrating that an understanding of both is essential if one is to to grasp the true nature and value of free speech.

The contemporary debate over free speech tends to be clouded by rhetoric. Against that, Haworth stands back and takes a cool look at the issues. This book comes down on the side of clarity. It is an essential primer on an important topic.

All That Matters

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Author by : Stef Ann Holm
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : HQN Books

Description : When a megastore grocery chain threatens to shut down the new boutique bakery Chloe Lawson's worked so hard to establish, she's furious. Her life may not be picture-perfect, but her custom cakes and pastries are becoming the talk of Boise, and she'd like to keep it that way.

Chloe needs a champion, and handsome, widowed John Moretti turns out to be it. A high-powered lawyer whose two rebellious teenagers are the only people he doesn't seem able to impress, John is shocked to find himself fighting for Chloe's little cause, much less falling for her. But once he samples her home-baked charms, he's hooked—and determined to make her a permanent part of his family.

All That Matters

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Author by : L. H. "Bucky" Burruss
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : CreateSpace

Description : "A sweeping, ambitious novel that plots the course of the Vietnam War on the American heart... Burruss writes about love and hatred, war and peace, like he really means it. He clearly knows the terrain." -- Mark Bowden - BLACK HAWK DOWN ALL THAT MATTERS is an epic novel that follows a combat officer from his youth through his rocky romance with a peace-activist, his immersion in battle, and a bittersweet affair with an Army nurse, concluding dramatically in Somalia with Task Force Ranger. Unforgettable characters and poignant vignettes are reminiscent of ONCE AN EAGLE by Anton Myrer, Burruss' literary mentor. Per agreement between the author and CreateSpace, ALL ROYALTIES FROM THIS BOOK WILL BE DONATED TO THE SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIOR FOUNDATION

Classical World All That Matters

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Author by : Alastair Blanshard
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2016-04-05
Publisher by : Teach Yourself

Description : Modern Western European culture would have been impossible without the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome. The disciplines of philosophy, drama, history, and science all owe an immense debt to these two Mediterranean cultures. At the same time, there are aspects of this legacy that are less worthy of celebration. Slavery went hand in hand with democracy. The pursuit of beauty coexisted with breathtaking acts of brutality.

This book explores the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans and the distinctive cultures they produced. It charts the rise and fall of empires as well as examining the intricacies of domestic life. The opening sections of the book give a chronological overview of the ancient world. They orientate the reader to the key places, actors, and historical trends. The remaining chapters focus on some of the most important and influential aspects of Greco-Roman culture including ancient festivals, art, architecture, religion, and medicine.