The War To End All Wars World War I

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Author by : Russell Freedman
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2013-04-02
Publisher by : HMH Books for Young Readers

Description :

Nonfiction master Russell Freedman illuminates for young readers the complex and rarely discussed subject of World War I. The tangled relationships and alliances of many nations, the introduction of modern weaponry, and top-level military decisions that resulted in thousands upon thousands of casualties all contributed to the "great war," which people hoped and believed would be the only conflict of its kind. In this clear and authoritative account, the Newbery Medal-winning author shows the ways in which the seeds of a second world war were sown in the first. Numerous archival photographs give the often disturbing subject matter a moving visual counterpart. Includes source notes, a bibliography, and an index.

To End All Wars A Story Of Loyalty And Rebellion 1914 1918

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Author by : Adam Hochschild
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2012-03-06
Publisher by : Mariner Books

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"This is the kind of investigatory history Hochschild pulls off like no one else . . . Hochschild is a master at chronicling how prevailing cultural opinion is formed and, less frequently, how it's challenged." — Maureen Corrigan, NPR’s Fresh Air

World War I was supposed to be the “war to end all wars.” Over four long years, nations around the globe were sucked into the tempest, and millions of men died on the battlefields. To this day, the war stands as one of history’s most senseless spasms of carnage, defying rational explanation.

To End All Wars focuses on the long-ignored moral drama of the war’s critics, alongside its generals and heroes. Many of these dissenters were thrown in jail for their opposition to the war, from a future Nobel Prize winner to an editor behind bars who distributed a clandestine newspaper on toilet paper. These critics were sometimes intimately connected to their enemy hawks: one of Britain’s most prominent women pacifist campaigners had a brother who was commander in chief on the Western Front. Two well-known sisters split so bitterly over the war that they ended up publishing newspapers that attacked each other.

As Adam Hochschild brings the Great War to life as never before, he forces us to confront the big questions: Why did so many nations get so swept up in the violence? Why couldn’t cooler heads prevail? And can we ever avoid repeating history?

"Hochschild brings fresh drama to the story and explores it in provocative ways . . . Exemplary in all respects." — Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post

"Superb . . . Brilliantly written and reads like a novel . . . [Hochschild] gives us yet another absorbing chronicle of the redeeming power of protest." — Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Mammoth Book Of Eyewitness World War I Over 180 First Hand Accounts Of The War To End All Wars

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Author by : Jon Lewis
Languange Used : English
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Publisher by : Running Press

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The Great War haunts the world still. It slaughtered a generation of young men; claimed limbs, wounded souls; drenched battlefields in blood; made sad legends of the Western Front, Gallipoli, and Jutland, and made heroes of poets; farmers, and factory workers. Clerks it made into Tommies, doughboys, or the Hun. And in this new Mammoth volume the voices of such eyewitnesses to history as these are heard again. So are the words of generals, statesmen, and kings. From the trenches in Flanders to the staff rooms of the Imperial German Army, with the Land Girls in England and U-boat crews in the Atlantic, alongside T. E. Lawrence in Arabia's desert and the Red Baron in the air—with a variety of extracts from letters, speeches, memoirs, diaries, and dispatches, this gripping collection covers each year and every facet of World War I. Among its wide range of witnesses are King George V, Robert Graves, Leon Trotsky, Erwin Rommel, Ernst Junger, Ernest Hemingway, American aviator Eddie Rickenbacker; and Winston S. Churchill. The pieces in this volume compose a stirring human drama of the conflict that redrew the map of the modern world and determined the political course of the twentieth century.

The War To End All Wars The Story Of World War I

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Author by : Jack Batten
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2009-10-13
Publisher by : Tundra Books

Description : A brilliant, concise history of The War to End All Wars.

In the decade leading up to 1914, Europe had never known such prosperity. But the times were not good enough for the continent’s most powerful nations: Germany wanted a navy that matched England’s; Russia wanted an army as large and as disciplined as Germany’s; the Austro-Hungarian Empire wanted more respect; and England felt compelled to teach the others about civilized relations. How terrible could a war be?

In this riveting account of a tragic episode in world history, author Jack Batten takes readers through a far bloodier conflict than mankind had ever before endured. Meet the soldiers who fought the deadly battles along the Western Front. Follow the trail of flying ace Billy Bishop as he tangles in the air with the Red Baron. Learn the strategy of Britain’s Grand Fleet of warships as it heads into the biggest sea battle in history. Discover how civilians decoded virtually all the messages the Germans sent to their ships around the world.

From the Battle of the Somme, Gallipoli, Passchendale, and Vimy Ridge to the war’s final battles, The War to End All Wars evokes the heroism and suffering of men from every country, whose stories changed the face of the world forever. With maps, index, and selected bibliography.

The War To End All Wars World War I By Russell Freedman 2013 04 02

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Author by : Russell Freedman
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Release Date :
Publisher by : HMH Books for Young Readers

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The War To End All Wars The American Military Experience In World War I

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Author by : Edward M. Coffman
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : University Press of Kentucky

Description : The War to End All Wars is considered by many to be the best single account of America's participation in World War I. Covering famous battles, the birth of the air force, naval engagements, the War Department, and experiences of the troops, this indispensable volume is again available in paperback for students and general readers.

To End All Wars The Graphic Anthology Of The First World War

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Author by :
Languange Used : English
Release Date :
Publisher by : Soaring Penguin Press

Description : An omnibus of 27 short graphic narratives based on actual events, characters, circumstances, incidents, myths or consequences of the Great War. Featuring the four theatres of war (land, sea, air and the home front), spanning four continents and drawn from both sides of the conflict, our stories range from four to sixteen pages long, each by a different author and/or illustrator from the world of independent comics. Two dollars from the sale of copy will go to Medicins Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders.

The beauty of the To End All Wars project is the range of themes it covers, away from the usual focus on the Western Front. “We have dramatic reconstructions of the war in the Atlantic that could have come straight out of Steve Ditko’s vault of horror<” outline Jonathan and Brick on the project’s web site. “We have the story of combatants’ affection and need for pets in the trenches, related exclusively in pictures . We have the obligatory war poet’s story, but that of a Welsh hill farmer rather than some bit of posh who’s been done to death. And we have a feminist take on the controversial Mata Hari and the very personal story of an author’s search for their great grandfather’s memorial.

The First World War The War To End All Wars

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Author by : Peter Simkins
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2003-09-25
Publisher by : Osprey Publishing

Description : Raging for over four years across the tortured landscapes of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the First World War changed the face of warfare forever. Characterized by slow, costly advances and fierce attrition, the great battles of the Somme, Verdun and Ypres incurred human loss on a scale never previously imagined. This book, with a foreword by Professor Hew Strachan, covers the fighting on all fronts, from Flanders to Tannenberg and from Italy to Palestine. A series of moving extracts from personal letters, diaries and journals bring to life the experiences of soldiers and civilians caught up in the war.

A Peace To End All Peace The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire And The Creation Of The Modern Middle East

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Author by : David Fromkin
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2009-07-21
Publisher by : Holt Paperbacks

Description :

Published with a new afterword from the author―the classic, bestselling account of how the modern Middle East was created

The Middle East has long been a region of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and ambitions. All of these conflicts―including the hostilities between Arabs and Israelis, and the violent challenges posed by Iraq's competing sects―are rooted in the region's political inheritance: the arrangements, unities, and divisions imposed by the Allies after the First World War.

In A Peace to End All Peace, David Fromkin reveals how and why the Allies drew lines on an empty map that remade the geography and politics of the Middle East. Focusing on the formative years of 1914 to 1922, when all seemed possible, he delivers in this sweeping and magisterial book the definitive account of this defining time, showing how the choices narrowed and the Middle East began along a road that led to the conflicts and confusion that continue to this day.

A new afterword from Fromkin, written for this edition of the book, includes his invaluable, updated assessment of this region of the world today, and on what this history has to teach us.

World War I The War To End All Wars American Milestones

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Author by : Carole Marsh
Languange Used : English
Release Date : 2011-03-01
Publisher by : Gallopade

Description : The 22-book American Milestone series is featured as "Retailers Recommended Fabulous Products" in the August 2012 edition of Educational Dealer magazine. This book describes fascinating facts and fun activities your students will love! The American Milestone series are a favorite among teachers nationwide! This book includes ideas for lesson plans, hands-on activities, biographies, fascinating facts and stories. Your students will be amazed as they study the World War I. The American Milestone series meets national and social studies standards. This 28-page book is reproducible and educational.

Kids will learn how World War I marked the beginning of "modern warfare" with poison gas, machine guns, tanks, airplanes, and even submarines - and how it forever changed the way battles are fought.

A partial Table of Contents includes:
A Timeline of Events
"The War to End All Wars!": World War I
Archduke Franz Ferdinand: The Beginning of the War
Taking Sides - Or... Who Fought Whom?
The Frontlines
Christmas Truce
The Red Baron
Tank v. Tank
1917 - America Enters the War
Uncle Sam Wants You
Woodrow Wilson's Plan for Peace
And Much More!