Spilled Milk: Based on a true story

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“Randis later would testify at a criminal trial against her father,who was sentenced to prison for his crimes. He was sentenced to up to 16 years in 2004. Her painful — and ultimately triumphant — story isrecounted in Randis’ first novel, “Spilled Milk.” Brown, Stacy. Interview with the Pocono Record Newspaper

“Spilled Milk is a story about resilience. The strength of the human mind and will power to live a better life.” The Weekly Sparkle

“Beautifully written, hauntingly real, Spilled Milk is a must read for any young adult today.”F.P Lione, Author

Brooke Nolan is a battered child who makes an anonymous phone call about the escalating brutality in her home.

When social services jeopardize her safety condemning her to keepher father’s secret, it’s a glass of spilled milk at the dinner tablethat forces her to speak about the cruelty she’s been hiding. In herpursuit for safety and justice Brooke battles a broken system thatpushes to keep her father in the home.

When jury members and a love interest congregate to inspire her tofight, she risks losing the support of family and comes to therealization that some people simply do not want to be saved.

Spilled Milk is a novel of shocking narrative, triumph and resiliency.

Check out bestselling author K.L. Randis’s much-anticipatedPILLBILLIES series, now on sale, an intoxicating ride into the world ofaddiction and those who sustain it.

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