The Muscular System

The Muscular System Author : Katherine White
Publisher : The Rosen Publishing Group
Pub Date : 2001
Page : 48
Language : en
Rating :

Discover The Muscular System book by Katherine White from an unlimited library of classics and modern bestsellers book. It's packed with amazing content and totally free to try.

This new science and health series goes in-depth in examining how the human body operates. Each book corresponds with one of the body’s eight major systems, including the muscular, circulatory, and reproductive systems. With diagrams and pictures to highlight the easy-to-read text, young readers will be transported into the inner workings of the body. A great resource for research and reports.

Now more than ever, teens are proactive in their attempts to be healthy and fit. This book guides teens in understanding all of the components of their muscular system and the relationship between muscles and the rest of their bodily functions, such as digestion and heartbeat. The inclusion of intriguing facts, ways to keep muscles healthy, and discussions on muscular diseases will give teens a fresh, comprehensive view of their muscular system.

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